JnJ Ethical Code


We believe our first responsibility is to the doctor, nurses and patients, to mothers and fathers and all others, who use our products and services.


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  • Guideline On The Humane Care & Use of Animals
  • JnJ Policies

Responsible Interaction with Health Care Professionals

Ethical relationships with health care professionals are  a critical part of developing and marketing health care products. Physicians need to learn how to use new medicines and  medical devices. Teaching them about these products is  the role of the company sales representative.  People expect the care they receive to be based on their  individual needs and the medical knowledge and experience  of their doctors. We are committed to protecting the  doctor’s medical judgment and treatment choices from  improper influences so that the patient’s needs come first. To help ensure the integrity of the relationship between our  representatives and doctors, our guidelines are based on  industry codes of conduct as well as the legal, regulatory  and professional requirements of the countries where we do  business.

Among these are:

  • U.S. Federal Anti-Kickback statute that prohibits companies  from providing anything of value to health care providers  in order to influence the use, prescription or purchase of  federally reimbursed health care products.
  • U.S. Federal False Claims Act that prohibits a person from  knowingly submitting a false claim for reimbursement to a  government-funded health care program.
  • Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act that prohibits a sales  representative from making false or misleading statements  about an unapproved use.
  • Industry Codes that aim to protect medical decision-making  from improper financial incentives and govern companies’  policies on gift giving, grants and other funding.

JNJ Policies

Since our founding in 1886, Johnson & Johnson has grown and changed to become one of the most broadly based companies in human healthcare. We operate our business according to these strategies: being broadly based in human health, managing for the long-term, taking a decentralized approach to operations, and focusing on people and values.

Our values are rooted in the precepts of responsibility to customers, employees, management, community and stockholders, as expressed in Our Credo since 1943. It has remained our guide to how we conduct our business ever since. Through our products and services, our corporate initiatives and philanthropic programs, Johnson & Johnson touches more than a billion people every day throughout the world.

Defining Sustainability
Today, sustainability is a widely embraced global concept. The term has often been used in an environmental context, although increasingly, sustainability is being defined more broadly. At Johnson & Johnson, we acknowledge that the social, environmental and economic responsibilities cited in Our Credo are intrinsically linked to the sustainability of people’s health and well-being, the planet and our business. Ultimately, we view sustainability as a mindset we must all share if we are to ensure a Healthy Future. Traditionally, our goal setting and reporting has been strongest in the area of environmental sustainability. We’ve set long-term environmental goals since 1990 and have reported against the triple-bottom line of sustainability since 2003. In 2009, we conducted our first materiality assessment to better understand our stakeholders’ expectations and to help guide our communications and outreach efforts.

Our approach to sustainability, or corporate responsibility, continues to evolve. Our Healthy Future 2015 goals, which launched this year, leverage the achievements of our previous Healthy Planet 2010 goals and expand our environment, social and reporting priorities and performance targets.

Learn more about our corporate responsibility commitments from Alex Gorsky, our Chief Executive Officer, notes on our most recent Materiality Assessment, a current description of our 2010 Successes and Challenges and Our Goals.

J&J Commitments

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