Animals by Johnson & Johnson

Guideline On The Humane Care & Use of Animals

Our companies have clear, well-developed guidelines and policies in place that mandate and drive the ethical and humane treatment of the animals we use, and that promote the use of non-animal alternatives whenever possible. Our standards for animal care and use meet or exceed all applicable local and national laws and regulations.

Our corporation is committed to the “3R” Principles

  • Replacement – Substituting alternative non-animal systems in place of live animal utilization wherever possible
  • Reduction – Using the fewest number of animals possible
  • Refinement – Developing procedures that limit the potential for discomfort to animals

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)/Ethical Review

Proposed Animal studies must be reviewed and approved by an IACUC or equivalent Ethical Committee.

Personnel Training – Competency

Personnel involved with the care and use of animals must be adequately educated, trained, and/or qualified in the principles of animal welfare and compliance to help ensure quality science and animal well-being.

Sourcing Animals & Tissue

  • Live animals and animal tissue used in research and teaching shall be obtained only from approved sources. Preferably, animals will have been bred and raised specifically for research purposes.
  • Euthanasia: Only humane and appropriate methods of euthanasia will be used, such as those described in the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) guidelines on euthanasia and the EU Commission.

Teaching & Education

  • Live animals shall only be used when actual participation by the trainee is required to learn a medical or surgical procedure (including proper product usage) where alternative models have been deemed inadequate for the purpose.
  • We continue to review training requirements to determine if additional reductions in animal use can be found.

AAALAC International Accreditation

  • It is the intent that all Johnson & Johnson Animal facilities will be AAALAC Accredited.
  • Newly acquired non-accredited companies are expected to apply for accreditation within 3 years.

External Service Providers

  • Johnson & Johnson expects the standards for animal care & use for external service providers to follow the same standards as described in this document.
    • Standards for animal care and use will meet or exceed all applicable local and national laws and regulations.
    • J&J preference is to work with external service providers that are AAALAC International Accredited.

Johnson & Johnson does not test cosmetic products or ingredients on animals, except where required by law or regulation.

Operating companies will be guided by this document

Consequences of Mistreatment
Mistreatment of animals or failure to abide by these principles is a serious violation and will be grounds for dismissal.

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