Message from CEO – Abbott Laboratories

On January 1, the beginning of Abbott&rsquo;s 125<sup>th</sup> anniversary year, our company separated into two new global healthcare companies. The new Abbott remains a leader in diversified medical products, committed, as always, to advancing human health and well-being. Our former research-based pharmaceutical business is now AbbVie, a global leader in biopharmaceuticals. Both companies share a long, distinguished history and remain deeply committed to a shared set of values that make responsible citizenship a fundamental part of their characters.

We are pleased to share this update on the new Abbott&rsquo;s citizenship efforts. This website contains updated information and data reflecting Abbott&rsquo;s separation from AbbVie and highlights our company&rsquo;s ongoing progress toward important economic, social and environmental objectives. We will publish a more complete review of our citizenship efforts for 2012 later this year.

While we are now a new company, we are one with a rich legacy, firmly rooted in our historic mission of turning science into caring. Our company was founded to improve lives; we&rsquo;ve stayed true to that purpose for 125 years, as a business, as a scientific innovator, and as a citizen of the communities of which we are part. Indeed, our separation from AbbVie was designed to help both companies better serve more people in more places than ever before.

We at Abbott are acutely conscious of the world&rsquo;s growing health care needs and the opportunities they present. We are equally attuned to the responsibilities that such opportunities confer. Helping to meet them, as we serve all of the people who depend upon our company, is at the heart of our mission for our next 125 years.

We appreciate your interest in Abbott&rsquo;s citizenship commitment and look forward to reporting to you on our ongoing progress.


Miles D. White
Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer
June 2013

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