Sales & Marketing – Sanofi

  • Preventing conflicts of interest and all forms of corruption
  • Transparency, ethics and information about our marketing practices

Ethical business conduct is a key issue for Sanofi, one that cannot be dissociated from our economic performance. We establish sustainable interactions with legislators and other stakeholders to work toward the common goal of improving access to the best medicines and healthcare products while preserving incentives for research and innovation.

Each day, we interact with politicians, health authorities, medical experts and other decision makers. To help protect the interests of patients and communities while preserving Sanofi’s reputation and the interests of our shareholders, we believe in full transparency when it comes to our relations with third parties.

In addition, we are convinced that it is essential to show exemplary conduct in our marketing practices, and that the completeness, fairness and reliability of the information we provide to healthcare professionals helps protect patient safety and ensures the proper use of medicines.

To meet the highest ethical standards in responsible lobbying and marketing, we have defined strict and ambitious policies that are implemented in all countries where we operate.

Preventing conflicts of interest and all forms of corruption

Sanofi’s lobbying activities are conducted in compliance with the OECD’s Principles for Transparency and Integrity in Lobbying. We also comply with local lobbying and advocacy laws and regulations where we do business, in line with the Sanofi Code of Ethics and our anti-corruption policy. We are committed in particular to:

  • Transparency in relations between Sanofi and healthcare professionals, patient groups, suppliers and customers
  • Communicating quality information
  • Ensuring that only personnel who are registered lobbyists or who have received prior approval from our management may engage in lobbying activities on behalf of Sanofi

Transparency, ethics and information about our marketing practices

Sanofi takes measures to provide a stronger framework for the promotion of medicines, the distribution of samples and pharmaceutical sales visits. The Sanofi Global Medical Affairs Department has established internal codes and procedures that refer to the highest ethical standards governing our industry in Europe (EFPIA), the United States (PhRMA), and worldwide (IFPMA). Our responsible marketing policy encompasses all Sanofi’s marketing practices, including:

  • Providing ongoing training for medical sales representatives
  • Conducting internal audits to monitor compliance with approval procedures and adherence to Sanofi’s internal codes
  • Providing accurate, objective and scientific information to promote the proper use of medicines

Sanofi Business Ethics

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